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Since the very first bite you’ll notice the freshness & quality of our dishes. You’ll never forget the juiciness of our burgers. The balanced mix of ingredients that will give you an unforgettable experience every bite. That’s because we focus on bringing you our “best dish yet” every time you order Tabla.


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“TABLA tells a story, everyone's story ”

Tabla was born out of a simple question. If Miami was a flavor, what would it taste like? The answer? Easy. It wouldn’t be just one flavor. It would be tons of different flavors from everywhere in the world that would blend perfectly into one dish. So, the idea was born. Ever since, we’ve dedicated our business to give everybody that unique piece of food that you could only get at Tabla.

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Every Tabla is prepared for you!

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everything you need for your grill!

Smoked Beef Sirloin

Sold by individual weight

Very tender with an extra beefy flavor!

Chorizo Grillers

Sold by individual weight

Deep flavor of family recipe.

Smoked Ribs

Sold by individual weight

Juicy natural smoked ribs!

All our products are carefully vacuum packed to keep all their flavor intact.

The best burger makes the best people

Every Tabla is prepared for you!

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